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Switch Scratch Card to Cash - Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone

2021-09-24 17:50:30

Switch Scratch Card to Cash - Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone


Still looking out for ways to use scratch card Viettel, Mobi, Vinaphone, Vietnammobile… XULYTHECAO.com will help you convert your Scratch Cash into wallet money . And we have APIs and Customer support 24/24 - GOOD PRICE, GOOD SERVICE

The cards are available use successful in XULYTHECAO.com you can get up to 85% value scatch card add to your wallet money. You can still use your wallet money while transacting on XULYTHECAO.com. Or request transfer money to the bank (MOMO, ZaloPay,ViettelPay,Vietcombank,TechcomBank, Agribank, VIB, TPBank…)

How to It work ?

Method 1:
Step1: Access to XULYTHECAO.com ⇒ Register Account à Receive activation mail ⇒ And Login
Step 2: At HOME Page ⇒ Select the card type, amount .Enter the card code, series ⇒ click Load Now. Wait 10 seconds, the money will be credited to your wallet at XULYTHECAO.com
Step 3: Add info your Bank ⇒ Request withdraw money to the bank
Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grelJwTSZdg

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grelJwTSZdg

Method 2:
- If you are a big Game Publisher with lots of end-users need payment with scratch card (viettel, vinaphone, mobifone)
- If you are a payment gateway with scratch card
- If you are a merchants or dealers telco scratch card
→You needs are APIs supported: we always have APIs for you to request.
Link APIs doc : https://xulythecao.com/api-doc.html

Current supported scratch cards: Viettel; Mobifone, Vinaphone, Vietnamobile, Zing, Gate, Garena.

Our features:

  • Multi languages supported: Vietnamese/ English/ Chinese
  • Servers with up-time percentage commitment to 99.99% .
  • Our support team work 24 hours per day x 365 days per year.
  • Customized system for per Game Publisher: If you have any requests, please feed free to ask. We are here to serve.
  • Our system support to check invalid cards in Telegram automatically.

We will support and answer all of your questions and happy to serve you.

  • If you are a big Game Publisher with lots of end-users: we are willing to deposit in advance.
  • If you are a new Game Publisher with few end-users only: we can pay you daily, weekly or monthly.
  • The fees for each telco is competitive on market.
  • Especially we can transfer the payment to your bank account anytime 24/7

XULYTHECAO.com support switch VIETNAM telcos Scratch Card - Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone to cash with good price , good service. For more information, please feel free to contact us directly.

Our HOTLINE: +84 (921) 222-288


Please feel free to contact us at anytime:

Mobile: +84 (921) 222-288

Telegram:@xulythecao / https://t.me/hailtc3tek

Zalo: +84 (921) 222-288

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xulythecao

Email:  [email protected]


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